Friday, 20 May 2011

EVO 3G Nitro 9.3

Introducing Evo 3G Nitro in Pakistan; “The World’s first & most cutting edge EV-DO Rev.B commercial network”. PTCL is the first operator in the world to commercially launch EV-DO Rev.B products which offer blazing fast speeds of up to 9.3 MBPS.

EVO 3G Nitro is all set to meet the next-generation’s need for ultimate speed & superior performance. It is the next step in Evolution of the Wireless Broadband Revolution!

Whether it is streaming High Definition video or music, conducting a video conference while simultaneously browsing the Internet or uploading multimedia content, in the Nitro Universe everything happens at the speed of light.

Free EVO NITRO Internet USB Telecom

Under this offer, customer shall be offered a Free Nitro USB on making an advance payment of 3months line rent.

Nitro Promo PSTN Rs. 9000 Rs. 3000 from 4th month onwards 0 Zero billing for 3 months
Nitro Promo non-PSTN Rs. 9000 Rs. 3000 from 4th month onwards 0 Zero billing for 3 months
Note: Offer exclusively available at PTCL OSS only

Key Highlights:

  • Cruise with Matchless Speed of up to 9.3 Mbps.*
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Faster web browsing
  • High Quality Video Streaming
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Faster uploads
  • Plug & Play—Instant Connectivity
  • USB compatible with laptops & Desktops.
  • Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps
  • Backward compatibility & seamless roaming on Rev A Network (up to 3.1Mbps) in 99 cities across the country
  • Device Upgrades available for existing Evo customers

Business Rules:

  • Promotion is applicable for all new Nitro sales Only.
  • Customer will have to pay 3 months line rent (Rs.9000) in advance for being eligible to avail the offer.
  • For Advance billing package, customer will have to make advance payment of Rs.9000 in advance at the time of availing this offer at any PTCL OSS.
  • For PSTN billing package, customer will have to pay 3months advance line rent at the time of purchase (unlike normal PSTN packages).
  • For PSTN billing package, the customer shall not be billed EVO charges in his PSTN bill for the first 3 months; billing shall start from the fourth month.
  • Promotion is valid for sales made through PTCL In-house sales channels only.
  • Promotion is not valid for sales made through franchises and other in-direct sales channels.
  • Promotion is valid for Nitro Commercial Promo packages only.
  • Promotion is not valid for Employee & other discounted packages.
  • Promotion is not valid for EVO & Wi-Fi Cloud customers.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to Start a BPO Business (Call Center)

How to Start a BPO Business:

Starting a BPO is one of the best businesses to do in proPakistani PK, India, UK, USA, UAE ..etc, . If you have a small office space wherein you can squeeze in a couple of computers and a desk for telephones and a copier machine, you can start-off your BPO business confidently.
BPO Call Center

BPO business in proPakistani PK, India, UK, USA, UAE ..etc includes data entry jobs, call center jobs, telemarketing jobs, customer service jobs, payroll processing, medical transcription, settling insurance claims, supply chain management and other bookkeeping services

How to Start a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)?
telecom it updates BPO Call Center propakistani

Have a Plan Ready: Always decide your area of operation. Pick one BPO field in which you have sufficient mastery. Decide how many companies you are going to apply with. Submit a resume with the companies.

In the beginning, it is important to build a profile. Starting for little money would not be a bad option.
Take Up a Challenging Application Process: It is easy to apply with some BPO companies. All you need to do is fill out an online form and wait for a response. For some you need to get in touch directly and explain your experience and background. Remember the more hoops you have to jump through in getting a contract, the lesser competitors you are likely to have.

Keep Track of Your Applications: Companies take a long time to reply. Keep a tab of the companies you’ve applied along with the date of application. Keep calling the companies till you get a call.

Pay Attention to Detail: You need to do something different to set yourself apart.
When you try to get in touch with a company for the first time or are sending reminders to a company which hasn’t responded, do not forget to include the following:

Weekly stats on your market
Some promotional items with your logo / contact information
Mail them a memorable item regularly. This may include sports schedules, holiday postcard etc.
It is important for banks and lenders to know that you are a good agent. Start by finding an up to date list of companies that need BPO’s done for their properties. The quickest way to break into the BPO field is to buy a list from a reliable provider.

Keep reminding people handing out BPO assignments that you desire to become a BPO agent for them. Assure them that you are going to do an excellent job for them.

How to Start a Call Centre?
As call centre is a roaring business in proPakistani PK, India, UK, USA, UAE ..etc  you can start a call centre with some know how’s:

Decide on what type of call centre you wish to begin i.e. in house, inbound, outbound, or outsource call centre.
Devise a business plan. Outline your business goals, financial needs, logistics and staffing plan
Look for clients in websites providing job services. Send mails to companies seeking services.
If you follow the above steps and regularly get in touch with the right leads from your list, BPO can be the best business for you.

Call Center Jobs- Call centers are the fastest growing industry around the world. Developed countries with an English.

Part Time Jobs In Glasgow: Part Time Evening Jobs and Call Center Jobs- Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It is the third most populous city in.

Part Time Jobs in Maryland: Evening and Summer Jobs Hiring in MD- Scroll down this page to learn more about the various types of Part Time Jobs.

Start Software Company in proPakistani PK, India, UK, USA, UAE ..etc- are one of the most preferred software destinations in the world. With lots of.

Envelope Stuffing Jobs From Home: Legitimate Mail Stuffing Job at Home- Mail stuffing job is relatively easy to do. It involves no hard work and is.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ufone Codes Telecom Secrets Updates

There is some ufone tips and tricks most of them u dont know.....

Ufone Codes Telecom Secrets Updates

GPRS Settings
Profile Name: Ufone
Home URL:
Bearer: GPRS Only
Proxy: Disable/No
Access Point Name /
APN: ufone.pfinternet / ufone.plinternet / ufone.internet
Login ID/Username: ufone
Password: ufone

##004# Deactivate Voice Mail **004*190# Activate Voice Mail
*43# Activate Call Waiting #43# Deactivate Call Waiting
*124# Free Balance Check
*123*(PIN)# Balance Recharge
*444*1# Ufone Prepay 2 Ufone Public Demand Conversion
*444*2# Ufone Public Demand 2 Ufone Prepay Conversion
*#21# Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to.
*#30# Lets you see the private number.
*#61# Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to.
*#62# Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls are diverted to.
*#67# Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to.

CLIR: Presentation of one's own number to the to the called party
Activate CLIR **31#
Activate CLIR for the actual call *31#number
Deactivate CLIR ##31#
Deactivate CLIR for the actual call #31#number
Check status of CLIR *#31#
De-register all call diversions ##002#
Activate unconditionally divert all calls *21#
De-register unconditionally divert all calls ##21#
Deactivate unconditionally divert all calls #21#
Check status of unconditionally divert all calls *#21#
Divert on no answer to number and activate **61*number#
Activate divert on no answer *61#
Activate divert on busy *67# De-register divert on busy ##67#
Deactivate divert on busy #67# Check status of divert on busy *#67#
Check status of barr all outgoing calls *#33# Activate barr all calls **330*code#
Deactivate barr all calls #330*code#
Check status of barr all calls *#330*code#
Activate barr all outgoing calls **333*code#
Deactivate barr all outgoing calls #333*code#
Check status of barr all outgoing calls *#333#
Activate barr all incoming calls **35*code#
Deactivate barr all incoming calls #35*code#
Check status of barr all incoming calls *#35#
Activate barr all incoming calls when roaming **351*code#
Deactivate barr all incoming calls when roaming #351*code#
Check status of barr all incoming calls when roaming *#351#
Activate barr all incoming calls **353*code#
Deactivate barr all incoming calls #353*code#
Check status of barr all incoming calls *#353#

ufone is the best network triks is given below
1.Free remaining pakage sms send Sub to 606
2.Free minutes remaining dail *706# (10+tax)
3.Free ufone number on screen *2#,*3#,*5#,*7#,*8#,*9# diffrent for diffrent palace
4.Ufone free owner ship check *333*1*4*1#
5.Ufone owner ship nic number *333*1*4*2#
6.Ufone pakage change dail 444
7.Ushare number then write u2u then amount e.g. 03331234567u2u10 send it to 828
8.U fone hidden menu *333# or *334#

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Deutsche Telekom France Telecom in UK Mobile Deal

Deutsche Telekom France Telecom in UK Mobile Deal
BERLIN: Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom plan to merge their British cell phone units to form what would be the country's biggest mobile operator, the German company announced on Tuesday.

Deutsche Telekom said the two companies have entered exclusive negotiations on combining Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile UK with France Telecom's Orange UK into a 50-50 joint venture.

It said the new company would have a customer base of some 28.4 mobile phone users, or about 37 percent of U.K. mobile subscribers based on December 2008 figures. The proposed deal ``is expected to create substantial value for both shareholders,'' Deutsche Telekom said in a statement.

Signing of a deal is expected at the end of October, and its completion would be subject to approval by antitrust authorities, it added.

The Bonn-based company said plans call for Deutsche Telekom to contribute T-Mobile UK to the merged firm ``on a cash-free, debt-free basis,'' including the British unit's 50 percent holding in a 3G network joint venture with Hutchison and gross tax losses carried forward of at least 1.5 billion pounds ($2.46 billion).

France Telecom would contribute Orange UK, including 1.25 billion pounds of intra-group net debt, ``in order to equalize the value of the contributions to the joint venture,'' the statement said.

Once the deal closes, Deutsche Telekom would grant a 625 million-pound shareholder loan to the joint venture, which it said would be used to reimburse 625 million pounds to France Telecom.

The joint venture would have total debt of 1.25 billion pounds, represented by shareholder loans of 625 million pounds each held by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, the statement said.

Telefonica to Buy Vivo Stake from Portugal Telecom

Telefonica to Buy Vivo Stake from Portugal Telecom
Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica said on Wednesday it had reached an agreement in principle to buy Portugal Telecom's stake in Brazilian operator Vivo in a deal reportedly worth 7.5 billion euros.

A Telefonica store is pictured in central Madrid in February. Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica said on Wednesday it had reached an agreement in principle to buy Portugal Telecom's stake in Brazilian operator Vivo in a deal reportedly worth 7.5 billion euros.

"The agreement will be submitted for approval to the board of both firms, which are scheduled to meet today," it said in a statement.

Telefonica and Portugal Telecom jointly own Vivo via investment vehicle Brasilcel, which owns 60 percent of the company.

Earlier on Wednesday the online edition of daily newspaper El Pais reported that Telefonica had increased its offer for Vivo to 7.5 billion euros (9.75 billion dollars) from 7.15 billion euros previously.

Telefonica's initial offer of 5.7 billion euros was immediately rejected by Portugal Telecom's board in May.

Telefonica then raised the offer to 6.5 billion euros and then to 7.15 billion euros last month.

The overwhelming majority of Portugal Telecom shareholders, 74 percent, voted to accept that offer but the Portugal's socialist government used its "golden share" in Portugal Telecom to block the offer.

Portuguese media reported that Lisbon may accept the latest bid as the higher offer could allow Portugal Telecom to buy a stake of between 20 and 25 percent in Oi, another Brazilian phone company.

Both Telefonica and Portugal Telecom see fast-growing Brazil as a key market as they face stagnant growth in their domestic markets.

How to Run Multiple Skype in PC?

Run Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously with Multi Skype Launcher:
Skype is one of the most popular services when it comes to online calls and chatting. But if you are using Skype you might be already knowing that you can run only one instance at a time. Multi Skype Launcher is a freeware application which allows you to run multiple Skype instances on one computer simultaneously. Using this tool, you can login to multiple Skype accounts by adding them to the interface and chat with your friends.

skype multi account

Click on the add button and enter your Skype user credentials. You can add any number of account if your computer has pretty good memory to support them.

multi skype

Multi Skype Launcher is a nice way to run multiple Skype accounts from your Windows.

Download Multi Skype Launcher

Lowratevoip : Free Calls to Pakistan : Call Pakistan Mobile Free

Many of our readers have been asking us " How to Make Free Voip Phone Calls to Pakistan ", "How to make absolutely free calls to Pakistan", "How to Call Pakistan Free". We have finally found a answer to them. A betamax program named Lowratevoip is providing Free Calls to Pakistan. Mobile service in Pakistan is included. Yes you can use Lowratevoip to make free calls to Pakistan mobiles (Free call pc to mobile in Pakistan).

Now it is possible to call Pakistan for free from any part of the world using Lowratevoip service. Even you can call from Pakistan to Pakistan (making free mobile calls in Pakistan). Lowratevoip has both web initiated that is Phone to phone calls as well as Free Pc to Phone Calls. Offcourse you can make Free calls to other countries using this voip service. Since there are not many free voip providers for Pakistan so I am concentrating my post on Pakistan. I guess, Lowratevoip is only voip service provider (for now) offering free calls to Pakistan.
Procedure to make Free Calls to Pakistan, Call Pakistan Free.
For making Phone to Phone Calls. These include making calls from Pakistan to Pakistan, USA to Pakistan, USA to USA, Canada to Pakistan, USA, Europe to Pakistan etc. Making Calls from India to Pakistan is not possible via phone to phone method. Use pc to phone method for calling Pakistan from India. Read a few lines below for that. With PC to Phone Calls, you can make Free calls to Pakistan from anywhere in the world.


Visit lowratevoip. Check for Test or Make a Free trial call option on right middle side of Page.
Check out the instruction here.

Pc to Phone Calls
For Making PC to Phone Calls. That is to made Calls from India to Pakistan etc, also Free calls to Pakistan from anywhere in the world.

Download Lowratevoip softphone or Dailer from here.
The first time you start the lowratevoip, you will be asked to choose a User Name and password. The User Name and password fields are required in order to use the lowratevoip. You can choose any name but it must be at least 6 characters in length. If the name is already in use by someone else you will have to try another name.

For a call to any regular phone, enter the desired number in the textbox and click the dial-button. For making Free calls to Pakistan using Lowratevoip, enter the Pakistan number.
If you are calling a land line in one of the free destinations this include Pakistan,USA,Europe, etc the call will be placed at no costs at all.

They give 200 minutes of Free Calls (200 minutes of free calls to Pakistan) per unique IP address. I would suggest you to use Proxy server to get more free minutes.

Friends if you like my blog, please subscribe to it or press Ctrl+D. This will enable you to keep yourself update with latest free offers.
Please spread the word around about this blog in your blogs, websites, orkut, facebook, forums etc so that others can also enjoy free calling.

free voip is a product of popular VOIP service provider BETAMAX, LowRateVOIP is offering free calls to countries generally not offered by other free VOIP providers like free calls to Pakistan (both landlines and mobile), however you need to top-up the minimum call credit for taking advantage of the free call offer, Registered users get max 200 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. During your Freedays you can call all destinations listed as "Free" for free. When you have run out of Freedays, the normal rates apply. You can get extra Freedays by buying credit.

UPDATE : Free VOIP Calling Credits

Below is the list of free call destinations:

Bahamas (+mobile)
Bermuda (mobile)
Brunei Darussalam (+mobile)
China (mobile)
Cyprus (+mobile)
Czech Republic
Hong Kong (+mobile)
Macao (+mobile)
New Zealand
Pakistan (+mobile)
Puerto Rico (+mobile)
Russian Federation
San Marino
Singapore (+mobile)
South Korea (+mobile)
Thailand (+mobile)
United Kingdom
United States (+mobile)
Us Virgin Islands

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